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    My health has dramatically improved after changing my diet for a more traditional way of eating, as advised by Sally Fallon.
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01 July 2006


loved the story in grassroots mag. my friend TJ who is a single mum with a son called Steele , Tj looks like u with dreads and steele is like jesse and has longer hair than jesse feel that you are a total btcth and we want to know where you get the energy and time . We think you are brilliant and say thanks for inspiring us . all the best to you three

Thanks Karen! Wow I wonder if TJ is the lookalike person wandering around out there that people keep mistaking me for?! And I can't help but wonder, what is a BTCTH? Sorry for my utter lack of keeping up with the slang. Go the inspiration!

BTW energy and time goes like this: it's making the change to do something that's difficult, once the new behaviour is routine, it's easy. So a lot of the enviro/sustainable/self-sufficient living comes from incorporating a new step into my routine.. and it's only one or two steps at a time. Over many years though, they do add up. Also, I don't watch TV :).

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