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09 April 2010


Wow, that is spectacularly dodgy luck with all the toilets! I hope this one works better for you. If you ever figure out how to tell if a compost pile is hot or not, please share!

Fixie: well it happened this morning actually! I was emptying the toilet early, it was cold, and as I opened a hole in the top of the compost and put my hand near it - it was definitely warm! Wow.. This happened after I had given it a good water and covered the top with leaves. I think before it may have been too dry, and possibly too much coarse stuff on top (like branch clippings), which was allowing the heat to escape.

Oh the poo was heated on the tray.
You are literally my hero!

I've used these toilets (the type you've finally built) before at places I've stayed, I reckon they're great! One day soon I hope to have one at our place. I read the Humanure Handbook from cover to cover. I loved it, it had so much interesting info, but I think that might be just me!

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