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06 April 2010


Regarding the dirt going to the tip, my first thought is... it's dirt. Regardless of whether it is in your backyard or at the tip, it's still dirt and isn't doing any more damage (unless there's something I'm not clear on)at the tip than it would be in your yard.

I think you've done a really great thing, you just need to think long term and you'd probably find that the positives of having the water tank will end up cancelling out the negatives that happened due to the tank going in.

Don't stress and ENJOY!!


Fixie: Thanks Mel - I really appreciate your positive encouragement. I have been reading a lot lately about top soil, how it takes 500 years for nature to make an inch of top soil, and we need 6-12 inches for growing food. All over the world top soil is being eroded in various ways - blowing away in the wind, being ruined from salination, being washed into rivers and the sea... the amount of useful land we have left for growing food is declining every year. Suburbia is now the world's best source of top soil. And I just sent several cubic metres of it to the tip. I have read about societies that have collapsed because they didn't look after their top soil and ended up unable to grow food. So this is why I feel bad. But I guess it's the lesser of two evils - without my water tank I can't grow food either! And from now on, I'm looking after and building up my top soil :).... thanks! Fixie.

That not just a water tank, but a WAAAATER TAAAANK! LOL. Congratulations! Who installed it? A month's worth of water would be a big help, so make good use of it!

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