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29 July 2010


I was just wondering why you don't just do what they do in Africa, many of those we met when we lived there simply washed their bottoms after toileting (with water) which is similar to what the modern bidet does. You could easily have a bucket of water and that way you don't have to hang up a cloth with wee on it. You could still use the cloth but to dry yourself.

Fixie: two reasons. First up, we have a composting toilet and I really don't want to be putting that much more liquid in it. Second, I had, err, a bit of a disaster in attempting this back when I was pooing in a hole rather than a toilet. I won't go into hideous detail, but suffice to say I made an incredible poo-everywhere mess and my hand smelled of poo for days, despite repeated soap-washings. Eek, it's clear I need, practice! Have you used this method with success? (When I was in Thailand I used the handheld hose they provide for bum washing and it was great. But I haven't a handheld hose and had to work from an icecream container of water.)

I love the stuff you come up with!! I am game! You are spot on with the psychological aspect though!!

I've been wanting to get rid of paper towels as well, maybe I'll get serious about that now.

Do you offer guests an alternative in the toilet? I must say, I can't imagine my teenage daughter being too impressed with the concept - lol!

Thanks so much for sharing your journey, you truly are an inspiration and I sometimes pass your stuff along via my facebook, and I've linked to you on our blog :)

Keep up the good work - even if you just convince one person to jump on board - it still makes a difference, so keep sharing!!

Fixie: I'm so glad I've inspired you. What do you reckon, are you gonna give it a go? Do let me know how it goes. We have a roll of recycled toilet paper next to the toilet and guests tend to use that - I don't really mention the cloth TP except to my alternative-minded friends, and when baring my soul on my blog, haha. Some people are weirded out by the composting toilet though and prefer to hold on till they get home, but it's becoming less common these days and most people seem happy to give it a go. If you already have a flush toilet you could set up a composting toilet in the bathroom as well and let guests choose.

Haven't tried this method but I must say, you are braver than I.

love fabric tp i use it at home. there's actually lots of info about it on the net. often called 'the family cloth.'

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