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    My health has dramatically improved after changing my diet for a more traditional way of eating, as advised by Sally Fallon.
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30 November 2010


I am so utterly enamored with you, your blog and The Grimstones that I hardly know what to say. I stumbled here when searching for information on compost toilets of all things, and got sucked in... you, my dear, are an inspiration. I'm an environmental writer and artist (I make art dolls similar to your puppets) about to build a 'tiny house' on a trailer (like the ones at Found so many things here to spark ideas and creativity. Intrigued by 'Riot for Austerity', and I'll definitely be back...

Fixie: Thanks Stephanie - so very glad you like it! I had a look at the tumbleweed houses - they are gorgeous! I have seen them before, ages ago, but it was wonderful to see what they are doing now. Which one will you build?

Ours will be somewhat similar to the 'Fencl', but more like the first one Jenine Alexander built (the wooden one, not the metal one) - 24 feet long. We plan to live in it for 5 or so years while we save up for land and then build our permanent house out of cob. But I'm really loving the look you got with the mud bricks (and those windows! Fabulous!) Wonder if the bricks would work in this climate. I'm in rather rainy/cold Western North Carolina.

I just wanted to post a comment to tell you that your blog rocks! I stumbled upon it while researching spinning angora fiber. I have two german hybrid angora rabbits and am just learning to spin. I love your camisole. It's beautiful! Your website has been inspiring, not just for the spinning/knitting aspects, but for continuing to try to live a simpler life as well. Thanks for sharing!
Charlottesville, Virginia

Asphyxia, your singlet is amazing! what an achievement. You are truly inspiring. Well done and good luck with the sleeves! love from Laura xx

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