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11 November 2011


Amazing! I had no idea making vinegar could be so simple. I think I'll try this. Do you notice a "mother" forming with this method? Thanks again - I love your blog.

Yep it really is easy! No mother forms with this method - I've made vinegar using kombucha, which has a mother, and a mother forms on that, but this is waaaay easier! :) Let me know how you go!

Hey Fixie

I tried to find some more info on this, and noticed some people use cheesecloth. Is this necessary do you think, or you just leave it with the lid on. Your way seems very simple - I keep looking to complicate it ;)

I've just put the skin of an apple into a jar with about 1-2 tbsp of honey, and put the put the lid on it. It's that easy?

Hi Mel,

I think the cheesecloth might be to keep the apple under the surface of the water. If it sits on the top it can go mouldy, which is bad. You can put water in a ziploc bag and sit that on the top of the vinegar, to keep the apples submerged. Or sit a plate on top of the apples. Or you can avoid that simply by stirring it every two days.

And yes, it really is that easy! Let me know how it goes!
Love Fixie xx

To think I have been paying a small fortune for a product so easily made at home.
I am thankful for the wonderful women who passed this page and recipe on.
Thank you page owner for sharing this.

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