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17 January 2012


Hello there

I've kept egg laying chickens in Darwin for about ten years now. Keeping the chickens supplied with fresh water has always been tricky and time consuming but so important for health and egg laying quality. A couple of years ago I bought an old bathroom sink from the dump shop and attached it to one of the fences in the chicken run. The sink is set an an angle so that it is always about half full but water can freely flow out when the sink is filled. Next I ran some flexible irrigation pipe from one of the watering systems we have in our yard into the sink. This watering system automatically runs three times a day for three minutes and waters our bamboo, bananas and paw paws. Three times a day the sink fills with fresh water and flushes out the old water. The water that runs out creates a puddle that the chooks scratch around in - it soon dries out and never creates a swamp. I never have to worry about water quality or the chooks running out of water (particularly when we go away) and I only clean out the sink about twice a year. The sink is about half a metre off the ground and I have a wooden step for the chooks to hop onto so that they can drink. I experimented with ponds and having the sink set down lower but the chooks would quickly fill the water with dirt and poo creating a horrid stinking mess.

From time to time our bantam hatches out new chicks and the little ones are able to use this system from about two weeks onwards. Happy to send a photo of the set up if this would be helpful.


Hi Sonia,

That system sounds great - very clever. I'd love a photo if not too much hassle? U could email it to me: and I'll post it on my blog. Our egg layers seem to only need their larger plastic waterer refilled every three weeks. I've had to refill every couple of days with the meat chooks though. If I was looking after my meat chooks year round I'd definitely be interested in your system.


A great description of your meat raising efforts.

I don't know if you have comfrey growing in your garden, you might find an old book on it interesting. Go Go to go into the Agriculture Library and look for **Hills, Lawrence D. Russian Comfrey **. Comfrey has some 25% protein and might help a lot with feeding your meat chooks. You will be asked for a contribution, but one doesn't HAVE to pay that. They have a lot of other books in there, all generally out of print stuff.

regards, Kurt who lives in Paradise Tasmania

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