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    My health has dramatically improved after changing my diet for a more traditional way of eating, as advised by Sally Fallon.
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    Forget the food pyramid! It was developed by the agricultural industry, not by nutritionists. Instead, print this Food Flower poster, which shows a visual guide to choosing nutritious and satisfying traditional foods.
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    Should we be eating a diet of 100% raw food? Here's what I found by way of "scientific proof".
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22 January 2012


I'll trade you a massage for eggs/fleece/spinning lessons/something else.


I agree there is a much better way to walk in the world and commend his efforts at making it work. Its certainly about resourcefullness and a willingness to create opportunities... shame communities don't seek this for themselves more often as we all have something to barter/trade and could easily reduce our consumption, our spending, our consumerism etc... There is definately an increasing desire to see more of this kind of community grow where I am, despite living in the city. I hope it spreads far and wide and soon! :)

Wow! Loving your blog.
I just collected my newest issue of Grass Roots from the Post Office (with your sweet smiling family on the cover) and have now finished your inspiring article.
Thought I'd come and take a look at your blog and am quite blown away.
Lots to look at, read, & be inspired by... and a new book for my wishlist.
Thank You!

Meg, I'll happily GIVE you some of my fleece as I have far too much! And I'd love some company while spinning & I'm always happy to give pointers. And hey, a massage sounds gorgeous - I'll supply towels so I can reuse em! Now... Shall we set a date?? :)

Aleta, welcome to my blog! Thank you for all your lovely words - I'm so glad you are inspired. Nice to meet you :).

Looks like an interesting book (another for the 'to read' list). The ideas in the book might be difficult to embrace totally, given the bias of modern economic thinking around growth and consumption, however like you, I think there is much room for optimism. There is the sense of a shifting attitude and people seeking greater meaning to their lives and in resisting the lure of materialism. There is certainly positive changes and a shifting of attitudes emerging world-wide.

Hello Eve, and welcome to my blog! Yes I agree - I don't think I can totally embrace living without money... I just don't want to be that hard core. But it's wonderful to see a general shift towards less consumerism and more sustainability. It really is happening :) And do tell, what are you doing in your garden and with your chooks? Best wishes - Asphyxia

Hi Asphyxia
We are attempting some level of sustainability and self-sufficiency with a variety of heritage apples and other fruit trees including a large vegetable patch sporting both perrenial veg (jerusalem artichokes, asparagus, perennial leeks, herbs ) and seasonal veg. We have five chooks, two australorps, two hybrid White Leghorn/Rhode Is. Reds and one Rhode Is. Red. They are great pets as well as producing beautiful orange/yellow yolked eggs. We have not yet achieved a high level of self-sufficiency but are on our way. We managed a whole three years without buying carrots thanks to continual sowing but then I dropped the ball inbetween shift work. :)

Eve, that sounds fantastic. Wow three years without a bought carrot! I'm impressed! But life happens and we can't all keep up all the time. I find the hardest thing is when I get sick - I always drop my bundle somewhere or other. Anyway, go the chooks and carrots!

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