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27 July 2012


I have no words - you truly are amazing, Fixie! I love them!!!!!!

That's fantastic! And all with virtually no sewing :) I love the process of felting. I haven't done a lot of wet felting myself, just some bits at my kids' school, but I've done some needle felting. Really cool. :)

Love your boots. That was a good idea to make the double ended template and then cut in half when finished. Plus I had never thought of rubbing silicone on the soles. Handy ideas for when I create my slippers. Thankyou :-)
Sometimes I just knit my slippers. Which if I made them larger Icould then felt.

How lovely to wear home knitted slippers. Though, Adrienne, I reckon it would be hours and hours of work to knit and then felt the slippers. Whereas just felting from fleece is way faster than knitting and then felting. I'm clearly a bit lazy, but I do love the shortcut of felting.. it really is a fairly quick way to make a fabric from fleece, compared to spinning and knitting!

Very creative!

A very creative and affordable idea. If you want to make one for your child, first, decide ahead of time what type of snow boots your child needs. If your winter climate is more of a mix of rain and snow, consider how waterproof boots are before buying for warmth. Check your child's shoe size carefully and make one size larger than they normally wear. This allows for multiple layers of socks and may get you two seasons instead of one.

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