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11 September 2012


Its all looking so great!

I used to do a bit of fruit farm work. If you thin out the blossoms a bit and then later thin out the fruit while its very small you will get a better harvest with tastier, bigger fruit. You might want to google how to do it but it will help.

Thanks Amanda! Will give it a go! xx

I love reading about other food forests! Mine is decidedly teeny at the moment but we will soon plant out our Loquats, our hazelnuts, our avocados, our almond tree and our 4 fig trees. Sustainability, thy name is Serendipity Farm! Cheers for a lovely post full of the possibilities of spring albeit a good month early for we Taswegians shivering away in a grey funk and only just starting to emerge from dormancy ;)

That sounds gorgeous, Narf!

Wow this is inspirational. Getting to work now I live in New Zealand weather starting to warm up. Rebecca

Oooh! This is my first visit to your site and I love it! I'd never heard the phrase "food forest" before, I'll have to use that :D

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