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06 December 2012


I recall your wonderful house's humble beginnings and loved reading about the journey. I am always amazed at the great things you achieve and often draw on your efforts as an inspiration in my own world.

I just wanted to say, despite this being an old old post... I've built before and as a woman, man the things you write I could laugh and tell the same stories. The funniest is that I'm not the type that men ever hit on, but I show up at the store to buy lumber, plumbing fittings whatever in what are obviously work clothes and the men hit on me. I'd laugh and explain I was married. The look of shock and then "no wedding ring" ya! you wear a wedding ring when you're on the sander to re-finish 100 year old floors. The inspectors (I'm in the US) would always try to talk down to me or to my husband if he was around. Or any male present in the room. Very few of them were smart enough to catch that 15 or 20 years of trades experience in the woman and the men are all, ehem, wonderful, but computer types, or chemistry research types or, or, or and that the woman standing there was the one in charge and the one who was doing the work. I finally found some tradesmen who would do what I needed (certain things in our area of inspection have to be done by licensed contractors even if you own the property) and who would talk to me. I just wanted to say that I am thrilled to know there are other women builders in this world and that I'm not alone in my experiences. I hear tell of certain west African cultures where the women build and maintain the building structures and it is often a group womens work done together. To me that would be wonderful (not that I don't love my husband but his skills and passion are not in building or construction)

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