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    My health has dramatically improved after changing my diet for a more traditional way of eating, as advised by Sally Fallon.
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19 September 2014


the one biggest thing to be mentioned is the cruelty and exploitation of animals by humans and these corps. Factory farming and the consumption of meat and dairy is THE one biggest cause of climate change and the degradation of the Earth. If we all ate a plant based diet we may be able to save the planet from the human race AND at the same time end poverty and starvation as there would be enough land and water to grow crops instead of animals. Big corps are to blame for the way we eat and drink and for the worst cruelty and greed known to man, great post thank you

Hi Asphyxia I totally relate to you on all of this! Big businesses have been making me very angry of late. I have got permanent bowel disease now because of their greed! For many years I did not know one nasty Mcdonalds outlet made me ill for a couple of days and as a result their heliobactor they infected me with, stayed in my tum for 18 years until recently a few weeks ago when someone referred me to a new dr who immediately tested for that particular bug, and turns out it was that! It had been sitting in me for 18 years without my knowledge, and the whole time I thought I had bad food allergies and IBS so the dr, she treated me with intensive antibiotics, not normal antibiotics to kill the bug off, it just worked but now I need a second course in 2 weeks when the rest of the antibiotics from last course have disappeared from my system, and so now I'm getting better but there is permanent damage in some areas and I can't have normal milk, it has to be lactose free. The rest of the allergies are gone but I am left with damage in my bowels so they don't work well, all thanks to greedy profiteering businesses! That is something I can't find in myself to forgive them for. Plus they have taken control over us in many ways, worker exploitation, control of the government and forcing the government to cut everything so these nasty big corporations can get more money! They forget it won't work that way for much longer, as many of us won't be able to afford their stuff and I agree, why keep giving them our money? I'm tired of lining their pockets and would rather support independent businesses including artists. The other thing, you are right about the quality declining. That too has made me angry, these businesses again have control over our choices, we are left with little choice when it comes to furniture, so now I buy old secondhand good quality furniture that is easily fixable - woodwork, upholstery, metal welding, etc. I found myself struggling with quality of everything in the last 10 years the most, and it has me hot and bothered, and cursing all the greedy corporations that only care for their pockets. I say why should we give for their silly luxuries when many of us struggle to survive? This is a fabulous blog entry and I hope many read this and realise it's no more giving to big businesses.

Hi Asphyxia

I just wanted to say thanks for yet another balanced, superbly written and researched article. A lot of distortions and misinformation are published about the kinds of issues you write about, and I find your writing refreshingly different in that regard. I have a science (Biology & Environmental Science) research and education background and an assiduously self-educating husband, the combination of which has been really helpful in trying to navigate through the minefield of modern life.

Nevertheless, it's taken us till midlife to finally live in an eco-friendly house (and we had to build it ourselves to get it) on a small farm where we farm according to sustainable (and that includes organic) principles. Here we're self-sufficient for water and electricity and we recycle all our nutrients back to plants like you do (I've got a feedback letter for you on compost toilets in the current GR). Our teething problems include that we still use a fair amount of fossil fuel to commute to part-time work in town to finance the establishment phase of our new life (minimised as much as possible by sharing a single very small, very fuel-efficient car) and that the house build, which is close to completion, tied our hands to the point that we actually had to mostly fallow, rather than expand, our vegetable patch for the last two years and put our chicken-keeping plans on hold until the house is complete...and having to work off-farm, of course, slows us down as well.

When we lived in our regional centre we had got into a system of buying most of our produce from farmers' markets and small local suppliers, and it was relatively easy to do because it was all five minutes away. Once we were half an hour from town and building we had too much on to make a special trip to farmers' market on the weekend, and fell back into the habit of dropping into the supermarket on the way back home from work. Alas, my husband has been reading books such as "Swallow This" recently and this gave us the push we needed to say, "Ok, what can we do right here, right now? We'll make the effort to go to farmers market fortnightly, and we'll also place a standing order with the local free-range chicken supplier there, and buy all our other meat from the locally owned butcher, and try out a local vegetable outlet, and go back to getting our bulk dry foods from a local food service place where I already pick up our locally grown stoneground organic flour. It means making separate trips to different outlets, but with organisation we can do this on the way home from work, on several days instead of one as per the supermarket model. But it's worth doing." - And we're feeling better already: The quality of our food is better for it, and we feel we're getting back on track instead of supporting things we don't actually agree with.

We already knew most of the facts in "Swallow This" etc etc but sometimes you just need to be reminded to get the push to regroup out of a particular routine. Too often what was only meant to be a temporary aberration goes on for years if you're hyperfocused on something like trying to finish your house, or trying to get through your professional commitments. I've often wondered why, with all the information and passion I had about environmental issues, nutrition etc, I was always living an uneasy compromise without intending to. I think the established ways of doing things in our society have a lot of gravity - and that without creating your own alternative structure for your own life, you can get easily sucked back into what is provided by default. I've found it a lot easier over the past decade since I met my like-minded husband - we can work this as a team, and that's so much more productive than badgering away on your own.

One of the things I've always liked about your GR writing is that you encourage people to make small changes and then ride on their momentum to make more.

I'm just thinking out loud here and would have just sent this as an email if I had an address, since it's going a bit off topic, so moderate away! :-) I also wanted to say I agree with your conclusions on the Raw Food movement (where I can't find a comments box) and thought that was another really clear-headed and well analysed piece, and just in general that (hitherto through GR, but today I discovered your blog) I find you and your family inspirational, and that reading the things you write motivates me to keep gradually making all the many changes we still need to make on our little patch.

Our little patch is here (amongst bushwalking photos now that we're getting towards the end of our building marathon):

We don't have a blog yet (but getting close), and so we decided to short-hand document what we've done for the last five years since we tree changed on a photo gallery, with abundant explanatory text for each photograph (which appears if you click on a photo). I hope you will get something out of this comment and the photos, since I'd like to reciprocate a little on the inspiration/information side of things! :-)

With very best wishes from our family to yours


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