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27 July 2015


Whooooppppp!!! Total awesomeness!!!!
Interesting comment about taking the burden off other people about them having to write. I mean from a personal point of view I wouldn't mind writing at all ! And gahhhhh it must be really fatiguing trying to lip read all the time. I just can't do it. I've tried it. I don't get it!
It's actually really interesting the question about burdening people and relates to all kinds of things. Like I just got back from overseas and had not put in my roster and a friend at work offered to do it. It was a complicated one because I had study days etc and another holiday and with messages back and forth I got totally beside myself that I was burdening her. But really she didn't mind at all and told me that quite clearly. We worry more than others right!
I love your talking book idea. It actually makes me feel more relieved as I'm currently rubbish at learning Auslan!!! But I'm trying :-s
Sooo interesting about the facial expressions you were talking about. I was once helping a deaf woman at her birth. It was a home birth, actually my very first home birth on my own in community in England. She was an artist funnily enough and I turned up at midnight to this gorgeous house full of half completed paintings and easels etc. when I was called the labour ward said... Oh by the way she is deaf and so is her partner. So the first thing I did on my way out the door was grab a massive pad of paper.butchers paper because I had just moved house. And a big felt tip pen!
We communicated fine. And she wrote down at one point..... I understand you so well... Your facial expressions are fantastic!!! So there you go! I am expressive in the face. And I don't know how relevant that story is as in birth I think a lot of things are communicated in silence. Gosh we need a cup of tea for this convo right!
I'm so happy you are having such a blissful time in one of my favourite countries. Come home safe darling girl and don't ever worry about being a burden. We are also blessed to know you xxxx

awesome fixi. love reading what you have written so far. looks like i need to advance my auslan! can't wait to get tog. when you return to hear all the details….xxxxx

Diddles! So happy you like my travel adventures. I’m back and would LOVE to catch up. Yep, and help you polish your signing too. Did you see I have a course in Auslan on Facebook now? And my blog too.. to make it easier! Anyway, let’s see each other soon… Lots of love, Fixie xoxo

Gwenyth! Or Edie, as I usually think of you! So lovely to read your nice long comment. Thank you! And it is very encouraging to read that writing would not put you out too much. I guess I just need to build the confidence to ASK and not worry so much about how inconvenient it will be for others. You’re right - lipreading is EXHAUSTING and I don’t have much of it in me, in a day. I loved your birth story about your very first homebirth, for a Deaf artist no less! Wow! What an experience. Now I hope we’ll get that cup of tea one day so you can tell me about it in great detail. I love birth stories! And now, here I am, home safe and happy and oh so full from my adventure! Thanks for sharing it with me via Queensland, teehee. Lots of love to you, Fixie xoxo

I can understand it would be hard to always have to lip read. Must people I'm sure wouldn't mind writing. I wouldn't mind at all. I did when I was teaching mosaics to 2 deaf ladies in an aged care home. They would teach me Auslan too. Tinnitus would be had to cope with. So glad you learnt a little more of your selves. Looking forward to more blogs. Xxx Sandy

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