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17 October 2009


your previous post on the riot has inspired me and i am definitely setting out to make changes. i think i will blog about them once i get my thoughts in order. but for the simple stuff, i've started just having one lamp on in the evening instead of having all the downlights blazing, i've started switching the tv off at the wall, and putting my daughter's bath water (which isn't very much at all) on the pot plants. there's lots more to come. time to get my thoughts organised, like you have.

Eilis, it's so wonderful to hear what you are doing. And I'm really glad if my post managed to inspire you. Keep it up and do report back when you've got more to say :) Good onya!
Love Asphyxia xx

Hi Fixie

For what its worth I come from a frugal generation.
I spin and dye my own yarn (fibre sourced locally mostly from alpaca studs);
I knit my own garments and have been known to unravel and knit new from old;
I weave and sew, and mend;
I hand knit my socks;
I have a vegie patch;
I compost and recycle;
I've not used a tissue for the last 20 years....I love hankies which I make and embroider and make lace for a pretty edge;
I turn egg cartons into kitty litter for my two INDOOR ONLY puss cats;
I knit cotton dish cloths which are washed and reused, and they are sooooooo much better than any of the commercial sponges and chux etc;
I use a fly swat never fly spray, I'd rather avoid the toxic chemicals in sprays;
and I prefer to clean my home with vinegar, lemon and bi-carb soda.
I cook from first principles with locally grown fresh produce and very rarely buy processed food and never buy fast food; Yay for the slow food movement.

Um....that's all I can think of at the moment, but I guess its a start ::giggle::
Loved the show at the Drum Theatre a few weeks ago!
And I find your blog and book very inspiring......thank you for sharing!
::spindle does a happy dance::

Hello! Thank you so very much for leaving such an inspiring comment! You say you are from a frugal generation - I am assuming this means my grandparents' generation.. how I would love to have grandparents that could teach me the skills you use in your daily life. But in lieu, is there any chance you could share? I would love to know how to knit a cotton dish cloth (I'm on the last of our Wetexes and trying not to buy more :) if you were able to send me some instructions? I am also very interested to know more about spinning, dyeing and weaving. I'm hoping to get Angora Rabbits soon and use their fur to make yarn - but this is a whole learning curve in itself. I've heard you can make yarn on a little hand-held "spindle" - is this true? Or do I need a spinning wheel? And with the dye, do you have a good local natural product you use or do you buy the equivalent of the small packages I see at Lincraft? I would love to learn how to do lace edging on hankies if you have any information on that too... And last question - what is your name?!
Thank you for your lovely comments about the show - we just heard we've got funding to start on the next show and are off to rehearsals today. Happy Friday to you - Asphyxia


Sorry I signed in with my google account and assumed it would show you who I was. I'm SpindleImp. Goodness what a lot of questions....I'm probably about your Mothers age but took on board all that my parents taught me. There is a huge Fibre Arts movement and learning to spin is on the increase. You can indeed spin with a fact you can make your own spindle from a cd and a bit of dowel. But there are some really beautiful ones available to buy online. I spin with a wheel, well several actually! ::giggle:: I quite like dyeing my yarn with food colouring....its non toxic, unlike many of the commercial acid dyes designed specifically for wool (these aren't the dyes you find in spotlight etc.) If you're interested in knitting and crocheting and spinning you may be interested in joining an online community called Ravelry: Its an incredible community and amazingly inspiring. You can find me on Ravelry as SpindleImp. Would be happy for you to friend me if you do join.

So many questions and so little time to answer.... edges for hankies, I either crochet or tatt them. Have a mountain of old patterns that go back to the beginning of last century. Anyway you should now have my email address and you can always find me on Ravelry. Would be happy to answer any questions or provide any help.

PS....Funding??? Excellent can I book my tickets now? LOL

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