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04 October 2012


Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying going through the archives here on your blog which was discovered after some references in Grass Roots. We saw you perform with your wonderful marionettes some years ago. Your family's story is quietly heroic. Thanks for sharing.

Fingers crossed on the gene stuff. I have been seeing all sorts of posts about yoga lately and am thinking that I may just give myself a genetic boost and start going. Either that or pilates...Love the painting :)

Thanks Rosalie - that's really sweet of you. You just made my day! And Narf, yes I agree, yoga is definitely a genetic booster. Actually I swear even more by pilates these days - it's made me so strong I rarely go to the osteo, whereas before I needed appointments all the time.

Your Grandma must have been thrilled with her card, it is a beauty!
I am also enjoying the account of your "muddie" adventure, I built one with my ex, we broke up and it was sold long ago, but I do still remember, the exhaustion and the satisfaction of the build, a fulfilled dream at the time. I am also enjoying following your Journal prompts, keep up the inspirational accounts of your wonderful adventures.

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