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19 April 2013


Thank you for this ! I'm searching solutions to my gf's problem and this seems very heplful !! BTW I've read somehwere Boron supplement can help any idea on this one ? :|

Hi Alexx, I'm afraid I've never come across the Boron supplement idea. Do you know how it's supposed to work? Please do leave more info here if you find some! Cheers, Asphyxia

Ok so this is a summary of what I have so far (sorry for bad english) :

- increase boron (this can be found in a lot of foods and it is more related to artritis that I dont know if you can relate)
- Test what food you are allergic to. If its not sufficient check what food suits better your blood type
- reduce starch to minimum
- reduce sugar, fat, colesterol and salt and food from animal
- sea food is not good and other everything that increases uric acid is also everything that reduces your internal acid is good (taking a lemon juice by the morning is great and in general fruits are awesome when matured)
- Pro Biotics should be added
- add : Oregano Oil; Drink like 2 to 3 l of water/day
- no alcool, coffee
- add : magnesium ; silica ; Vitamin C and D ; calcium ; Liquorice (search for liquorice sticks and you will be happy)

AND sports and basically what I found on your blog, I've found natural remedies for this but they are expensive (at least for us portuguese) and checking their ingredients you can find almost everything on foods. Anyways, here is the store for them, thats the page and the supplements for AS are on the right :

Let me know if you find this helpful.. we havent tried anything yet ! I'm still searching and collecting data but everything I wrote above is for AS

Wish you all the best

hey thanks for the blog - I'm new to treating my AS with diet and no luck so far, but a bit of information here a bit more there and I'll find the answer eventually.
As for your experience with attempting to cut dairy, have you considered that what you are feeing is actually caused by the kelbsiella dying off?
I know after living in a mould afflicted house and as a result needing to kill off yeast in my gut/bowels - cutting out sugar ( yeast feed on sugar like klebsiella feed on starch, I think? ) gave me a similar feeling as the yeast died off. The old it's going to get worse before it gets better scenario...
Good luck!

I bought Micah Cranman's book - he was an AS sufferer from his teenage years and after his own research and experimenting he managed to put his AS into remission through diet plus other non harmful drugs and supplements. He has written a book containing a full overview of all his research from diet to natural remedies to conventional medicine. I found it really informative and have immediately implemented some recommendations such as taking the natural anti inflamatory Bromelain and EFA omega 3 supplement. Too early to let you k ow what's working but if you have AS then i really recommend the book (comes with recipe book and exercise dvd) as it is simple yet comprehensive and points you in the direction of other research if you want to read more. It's called Living AS Free and you have to order it online from his website. Expensive and slow to arrive but definitely worth it....

Pascale, thanks so much for that. I'm jumping online right now to have a look at the book. I'm really curious to see if there's any tweaks I can make to improve things at my end. Thanks!

No probs, did you find it? Hopefully, even though you've done loads of research already, it'll be useful to you too! Let me know what you think when it finally arrives (if you go ahead and order it!)

Hi Pascale, I got the book, cookbook and DVD. Am still digesting everything and I reckon I'll do a blog post on it. Mostly the research he's done ties in with stuff I've done, much of which I've written up on this blog, though there is some more detail - for instance he covers conventional drug treatments as well as dietary options. I had a couple of questions about his research though because some of the things he claimed did not match up with my resource, and when I went to the sources he gave for that information, I didn't think the sources said what he said they did. When I emailed him about this, his response was vague and didn't address my question. So I have some reservations. But I'll test out a bit more then do a blog post with a bit more detail. I'm trying out his idea to ensure you have a good balance of omega3-6 as I probably don't.. will see how that goes and let you know! What did you think of the book? I'm so glad you pointed it out to me and that it's got me going on a bit more research :) Asphyxia

Hey how are you going with the omega 3s? And bromeliads?

Problem with testing food using your symptoms as a guidance is thtat:
a. its not very specific - other factors can also affect you
b. my symptoms take 5 days to abate, and going by symptoms alone means you have to be 100% symptom free before attempting something new.

I have high hopes that I will be able to test my CRP levels (inflammation levels) using this home testing ELISA kit, due in about a year - I pit in a pre order.

This should also allow me to track my inflammation levels over time on my iphone, which would be nore accurate than diary / pain scale.

Note that not all AS or Sponsyloarthropathy patients have heightwned CRP, ESR, or Plasma viscosity. Other infections, such as a cold, could also influence CRP markers.

There does seem to be a difference between AS and Spondyloarthropathy, notably in the seriousness and progression of the disease, although clearly related. some 85% or so of AS pateints have the HLA B27 gene, vs some 25% or so of spondyloarthropathy patients. Spondyloarthropathy has much better prognosis, and can sometime go into remissiion.

anyway, excited about is Cue device (no, not affiliated)

forgot link:

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