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17 March 2015


A client of mine, the lovely Dr Miin Chan, makes these delicious drinks which I believe are based on the same principles as your drink. They are delicious!

So going to try this sister fixer! Xo

The only thing I would say is be careful of your teeth. Don't brush your teeth straight after drinking the ACV mix - it's better to have the drink, eat something and then brush your teeth, as it can wear away the enamel or some such.

I use ACV to delay the growth of unwanted facial! It works!

Hi, Thanks for your post. I have CFS/Fibromyalgia and am considering ACV as part of my regime. I'm wondering if you are still having positive results with ACV? Thanks

Hi Louise, yes the ACV has CHANGED MY LIFE. I still cannot believe I am so pain free, and that I can eat anything I want. I would definitely give ACV a go. I find I need to drink a tablespoon 3 times a day to get good results.
Cheers, Asphyxia

Can you tell me how you made your kombucha vinegar? Thanks!

Hi. Do you think it has to be raw vinegar? I've got some organic acv at home already and am desperate for some relief from my AS pain. Glad to have found your blog - thanks!

Jane, I don't think the vinegar has to be raw. I think it's just better for your health if it is.

Charlene, I follow the method described here: But I let it brew until it's incredibly sour, then it's vinegar.

Hi, Thanks for a highly informative and useful blog.
I was wondering if you ditched your starch-free diet right away after starting ACV, or did you do that after a while?
Thanks, Sid

Hi Sid,
I tried the ACV at a time when I was having a short break from the starch-free diet, due to travelling, visiting friends, and general diet-fatigue. It took about five days for the ACV to work, and when it did, it was more effective than the diet had ever been. I’m very impressed. I haven’t gone back on the diet as a result.
Cheers, Asphyxia

Hi Asphyxia,

I am very glad to see your post. I am in pain for almost 15 years now. I was taking NSAID sometimes when the pain is worse and rest all time I was handling AS by exercise, swimming, hot water bath.

I don't know how much damage is already done to my joints, but I will give a try to ACV and will update you.

I have few questions for you. So by taking ACV, is the only pain controlled, or you think that ACV will cure the disease also? How much long you are planning to take ACV? Any known side effect of ACV?

I was searching on internet and come across this website worth reading.
Let me know your thoughts on this article.


Hi Prashant,
The ACV works by neutralising the inflammation, which is acidic. By neutralising this you have less inflammation = less pain, and you also minimise future joint damage. It doesn’t cure the disease - as far as I know you’d have to take it for your whole life. If I don’t take enough ACV one day I really feel it the next morning when I don’t wake up - I am stiff and sore. I haven’t found conclusive info about side effects from taking such a large volume of ACV for the long term - I think it can damage the enamel on your teeth, so I make sure to rinse my mouth every time. There may be more side effects - I just don’t know. If anyone can find out, please let me know!

The only other remedy that doesn't have to do with starch I have found is the following QUESTIONABLE source:

The doctor claims he cured AS in a patient with Peepal Bark or something, but most of it appears to be nonsense, or maybe a different language. Anyone able to decipher this or have an opinion on it?

I had AS for 1 year undiagnosed, then took NSAIDS, which have a tendency to give ulcers, for 2 years, up until about 6 months ago. I stopped because I had terrible digestive problems and I had weird pains in joints other than my back, just like you mention in your "no starch diet" post.

I found the no starch diet online and immediately made the switch - which was brutal because I have no dieting experience. The no starch diet is great because it eliminates all of your symptoms at the root of the cause - BUT you feel extremely hungry all the time. Also I started getting dizzy when I stood up from low blood sugar.

I just now found this post after coming back from a trip on which I took NSAIDS and ate starch (because I needed the energy). Many people, including myself, can't take the whole no starch thing for extended periods of time, so I'm hoping I will at least be able to eat rice if I follow the Apple Cider Vinegar regimen you explain.

I will try to compile a list of alternatives to both the NSAID and the no starch diet. It may be that the right amounts of various natural remedies could eliminate most/all symptoms. If anyone has such a list that actually works, let me know.

Update to my post above -

The ACV cure worked for about 3-4 weeks. Then, one day I ate a cookie, a cake, and some ice cream. Terrible choice. Then I was walking around a lot that day. TOTAL RELAPSE.

I was in excruciating pain for a while and then it was back the the low level residual pain when I want back off starch/dairy.

I did some research and I think it's highly possible that large amounts of sugar can destabilize the system that the apple cider vinegar creates and makes your bloodstream acidic again.

I think it is beginning to work again now that I am back off sugar entirely. I can eat glutinous rice, and really healthy whole wheat products. Basically you have to eat healthy if you want to eat starch.

Reduce sugar intake as much as possible if you are on the ACV cure. Too much can make you relapse.

I too have ankylosing spondylitis and based on your and other blogs have just started taking Bragg's apple cider vinegar. It has just been 2 days and I will definitely let you and your readers know how I am progressing.

I had read about no-starch diet/cure for AS. But long before I read it, I had decided to move away from a starchy diet. Mainly to reduce weight etc., But as you point out, that is easier said than done. Also, I am originally from India - and our diet is predominantly starchy with rice dishes eaten almost 2-3 times a day!

But lucky for me, I "discovered" Quinoa. I now substitute all the rice for Quinoa without any problem. And so was able to replace a largely starchy diet. I still love my potatoes/bread but try limiting it as much as possible.

But now with the ACV added to the mix, hopefully I will have my AS under control. One thing that did surprise me about the apple cider vinegar was the taste. I thought I would hate it but surprisingly I did not. Maybe it is the brand (Braggs) which made it so palatable! Whatever it is, I def can stick to it without any problems.

Thanks for a great and informative blog.

- Kumar

Hi Asphyxia,

Thanks for sharing your story. I've basically suffered from AS symptoms for almost ten years now; pain on or around my low back, glutes (worst when sitting down), rib cage, chest bone, hip, hamstrings, and even calves.

About a 2 years ago, I surprisingly noticed that the pain in the glutes, chest bone area, hamstrings, calves, and even in the hips basically died out; but the low back pain, and rib cage pain worsened. Over time, however, I saw some improvement in these areas, and I got to the point where I was almost pain free. To put it in perspective, I went from missing out on the luxury of getting a good night's sleep to being able to sleep through the night.

Seeking a completely pain free life, I opted into trying Apple Cider Vinegar; the results seemed pretty darn good at first, but over time I slowly noticed some of the symptoms relapsing. Although the vast majority of the symptoms were quite tolerable, the pain emanating from my SI joint area was excrutiating to say the least. After hearing other peoples' stories, and carefully backtracking what I had eaten, I realized that the pain likely originated from the handful of cookies I indulged in.

In hopes of never again encountering such a setback, I completely cut all desserts and/or foods high in sugar from my diet. Despite this, I found that the nagging pain around my SI joint came back; the only possible foods that may have contained sugar that comes to mind are some of the sauces I ate with my chicken and/or the few bites of an orange I had...

So I guess my question is, how well do you tolerate sugar? Are you vigilant about the minute traces of sugar that may be found in some sauces? Also, what was your experience with raw garlic?

Looking forward to hearing back soon. Thanks again for sharing your story.

Hi Super cat... how frustrating that the pain keeps returning, even with apple cider vinegar. I have been asked a few times how I cope with sugar. I actually don't like to eat refined sugar for health reasons so I don't know if it would aggravate my AS or not. I eat honey or maple syrup when I use a sweetener, and probably no more than a few teaspoons a day. I find that doesn't give me any extra symptoms. Do let us know how you go with experimenting on yourself as others will benefit too.



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