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About Asphyxia

Food and Nutrition

  • Traditional Foods
    My health has dramatically improved after changing my diet for a more traditional way of eating, as advised by Sally Fallon.
  • Food Flower Poster
    Forget the food pyramid! It was developed by the agricultural industry, not by nutritionists. Instead, print this Food Flower poster, which shows a visual guide to choosing nutritious and satisfying traditional foods.
  • Sourdough bread Recipes
    I make delicious sourdough bread in my bread machine - recipes and tips here.
  • Raw Food
    Should we be eating a diet of 100% raw food? Here's what I found by way of "scientific proof".
  • Raw garlic to cure colds & flu
    If you feel a cold or flu coming on, eat a whole clove of raw garlic, three times a day - it works miracles.


Fantastic, fixie. I would love come round to your place one day to sample the foods you eat and see the preparation and taste it for myself. I would need advice from you where to buy such foods and I can then experiemt with a like minded friend to see how all this goes. Thanks, Hamish.

Fixie: Ahh yes it's a wonderful journey... I am writing a chapter in my book about nutrition - when it's finished I can send it to you if you like - it has info on where to buy stuff in Melbourne too and basic recipes to get you started.. :)

I am always striving to eat healthier and more 'naturally'. I found this so informative and I really admire your dedication!
Upon pondering this I came to realise, dispite my disdain for processed foods, I seem to have eaten nothing but processed foods today! I hate how the convenience sometimes outweighs my desire to be healthier!

Wonderful post! Thanks for the tip in healthy eating.

Great writing, but strange that you ignore the many positive experiences of raw foodists and take sally fallon's word as gospel without the rigorous research you did on the raw food topic. I would have expected there to be more personal research and references to research, as there were in the raw food article. Sally Fallon's book is a pretty comprehensive book on her subject, unfortunately there is not, that I have found, such a comprehensive guide to a raw food lifestyle, you have to look in a range of places for the information, but it is there.

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for your comments! As you'll see in my raw food research, I think that some of the positive benefits of raw food diets comes from all the prcoessed food that is eliminated, along with potentially intolerant foods such as wheat and gluten. But my understanding is that if you live entirely on raw foods for too long, eventually the body runs out of certain nutrients and you start seeing health problems, which I've described. That said, I think there are enormous benefits to eating plenty of raw foods in your diet, and by following the diet recommended by Sally Fallon you can incorporate plenty of raw foods.

I take your point about accepting everything Sally Fallon says as gospel. I do constantly (still) question her nutrition ideas. What I have to go on is this: since I started traditional food diet, my health has been a million times better, and many chronic health problems have fallen away. When other people are staying with me and I feed them my (traditional) foods, they invariably experience some great health benefit, even people who tell me they have an immune system of steel. Every time I've done research on this diet I've come up with positive results. I haven't found anything to rip apart, like I did with raw foods. Overall though, the best evidence for me is my own body and those of the people around me who eat the same way.

Afterall, the thing that led me to work out what was going on with raw food is because everyone said I'd feel great on a raw food diet, but I didn't. I felt terrible, and I wondered why.


Hi Asphyxia,
I am onto Weston A. Price's info & Sally's traditional food too... and begging my dad to stop taking Lipitor for 'high cholesterol'. Anyway I need some info & maybe I'm missing something in my searches or something. Short of buying my own cow or goat and tethering him/her in the parking lot of my apartment building I can't seem to find a source of raw milk in Victoria. I emailed the Melbourne chapter leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation and she said to try the Melbourne or South Melbourne markets. Where do you get yours? Also where do you get your grass-fed meat from? I was planning to get some from Organic but its so hard to trust companies. I asked to visit a farm & they didn't get back to me.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
PS. Lovely flax woven basket.

Reading another of your posts, I agree with you that you shouldn't aim for eating a 100% raw diet because some things you just have to cook. You said: "I believe it's good for all of us to eat plenty of raw fruit and vegies, and nuts and seeds are probably far better for us in their raw state. I just don't believe we should strive for 100% raw."
I loved all the information you provided in this post as well, until I got to the end, where you suddenly changed gears and said "Meat should be eaten raw, rare or braised in water or stock." What??? Did I read wrong or something? Is this supposed to be a part of a traditional food diet? Because that would be going to the other extreme, don't you think?

Hi Asphyxia,
I'm wondering have you heard of the GAPS (Gut and Psychology) diet? It sounds fairly similar to the health recovery diet you have mentioned above, using the similar principals - I think both diets are based on traditional nutrient dense "healing" foods and eliminating processed foods and there is much cross over. GAPS was developed by a neurosurgeon who cured her son of an autistic disorder using the dietary regime she implemented - and consequently found that it also cured or significantly improved conditions such as digestive disorders, mental disorders, auto-immune disease etc etc (as you listed previously!).

I haven't actually undertaken the GAPS protocol, but have started by including many of the GAPS foods into my diet - bone/meat broths, fermented foods, some raw foods - and also eliminating grains and sugar. I hope to try GAPS soon, as I have already seen a vast improvement in my general mood and calmness, as well as a few minor ailments clearing up. I know a number of people who are on GAPS and they all swear by it! There are a number of GAPS practitioners now in Australia, who can guide people's progress and adjust the diet for any individuals needs or sensitivities.

Some recommeded reading (if you haven't already!) -
Gut and Psychology Syndrome - Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride
Deep Nutrition - Catherine Shanahan
Primal Body, Primal Mind - Nora Gedgaudas

Thanks for the great summary of information!

How long did it take after changing your diet to notice improvements in your health, and how long did it take before you had realy significant improvement?

I noticed some improvement within a month, as my period pain started to fade. But for my colds to drop right back, it took a full eighteen months. After that I'd find I rarely got badly ill, unless I'd just been travelling and not adhering to a traditional diet, in which case it could take me a month to get back on track.

Hi Meg, No I hadn't heard of gaps but am looking it up right now. It does sound extremely interesting, especially the availability of GAPS practitioners - I have yet to find any medical practitioner in Australia who vouches for traditional foods. Thanks for letting me know about it and I'm so glad your health/mood is picking up as a result. Cheers, Asphyxia
PS it just loaded now. Oh - I see it's a dairy-free version of SCD. I'm actually on SCD right now, but I find if I eliminate dairy I get sick, despite numerous attempts to do so.

GAPS isn't at all dairy free, the introduction phase is dairy free and can produce die-off symptoms or an exaggeration of your existing symptoms as all the bad microflora and imbalances resolve themselves (might be why you get sick after eliminating the dairy). GAPS re-introduces dairy in the form of kefir and yoghurt and extends from there.

If you are on SCD, it would definitely be worth seeing a GAPS consultant as they can tailor the diet to your needs and may be able to guide you through the die-off phase. I have heard of a number of cases where those on SCD had greater benefits from GAPS.

This website briefly explains die-off and many other aspects of GAPS.

There is also another book available on the same website that explains why you may get sick on an elimination style diet, and compares SCD vs GAPS.

It is really exciting that there are now practitioners out there advocating traditional foods! Hopefully it is a growing idea, and we'll see more of it :)

Also to Eliana - I noticed an improvement in my health after only a week or two of eating foods from the recovery diets, and eliminating sugar and grains. A lot of "little" things cleared up - itchy skin and light eczema through to an abscess that I had on my knuckle disappearing in a matter of days. The bigger issues will obviously take longer :)

Thanks Meg.. I will look into it, as I feel I've reached a bit of a plateau right now. I appreciate your tips :)

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